Saturday, 1 March 2014

Review of the New Wild Rose Studio Dies

Hello again! Wow! Two posts from me in one day but there’s a very good reason!
I’ve been having a play (as you do!)...and I’m just bursting to tell you about the fabulous new dies from Wild Rose Studio… here is a very personal but totally honest review!

Wondering if it’s independent? Well, I haven’t received any inducements to write it…and as our customers will know, at The Stamp Basket we pride ourselves on our personal integrity and only sell products that we are happy to use ourselves! So…

What are the new dies really like?
The honest answer is absolutely FABULOUS!! The picture below says it all!


What are the dies made from?
The quality of these dies is FANTASTIC…they are made from 100% steel with a non-stick coating…so they look and feel greatand are compatible with most leading cutting systems!

How do they cut?
The all important question…and the all important answer…

     …they’re an absolute DREAM to work with!

I use a Big Shot machine and I got a perfect….yes, absolutely perfect cut first time round! There was no need for a shim; no need to send it through the die-cutter a second time; no need to patiently ‘find’ the ‘sweet spot’ as is often suggested when a die doesn’t cut first time! And the finished product looks fabulous, too!

How easily do the die-cuts release from the die?
These dies have been so well designed and manufactured that I didn't need to use wax paper to release the die! Neither did I need to use a poky tool (in my case a cocktail stick!) to release the die even through there are little holes provided…releasing the die was like butter melting in the mouth!

What is the packaging like?
You might think this is a bit of strange question, but how we store our dies can prolong their life. These dies are packaged in a very pretty pink blank envelope which is itself enclosed in a clear, re-sealable cellophane bag. There is no sticky tape involved anywhere which I’ve found from experience can damage your dies either on removal from the packaging or during storage. The envelope also means that you can label and store your dies easily and safely. Wild Rose Studio have truly thought of everything!

What’s are the designs like?
Well, this is going to be a very personal thing, but if you love adding small, delicate die cuts to embellish your projects, then you will love these designs.

Certainly, I'm in love with them, as are our designers, too...and from the e-mails that I've been receiving over the last couple of days, you're in love with them, too!
The collection has been influenced by Woodland flora and fauna providing a range of gorgeous borders, corner dies, branches, a tree and lots of flowers…including a Wild Rose!
All of the designs you will see on The Stamp Basket website have been carefully designed by the fabulous Dulcie, one of the Managing Directors of Wild Rose Studio.

So please, do pass the word around and tell all your friends and family…these are definitely the dies to have from now on!

Janet xx



  1. I do admit that even from the photo they do look good quality. The Rose border is very pretty, but to be honest, they all look gorgeous.

  2. These look fab and are on my wish list. Thanks for your review! x