Monday, 20 January 2014

Mobile Moby

I've got something a bit different to share with you today.  It's a decorative mobile featuring Moby Dick!

I cut out the little Memory Box Wonderful Whale several times, and coloured him in different shades of blues and greys before adding some googly eyes to each one.

I then cut out some other bits that I thought matched the sea life scene.  Each element can be stuck back-to-back sandwiching the string in between in order to to hang them onto the mobile.

The starfish are actually 5 point stars (Memory Box Precious Stars) with the corners rounded, and some white gel pen dashes for the 'seams'.   But I can see in the second photo that I missed the gel pen decoration on one starfish.  The seaweed bits are various leaves.

The hardest part of this project was actually taking the photos.  I took loads but on most versions at least one of the whales were sideways on, so they looked a bit skinny and you couldn't see the eyes!

These were the best two photos, and even then, they're not that great.  You might need to use your imagination a bit!!!

These little Memory Box Wonderful Whales are actually on sale at The Stamp Basket at the moment, so grab them while they're on offer.  There's nothing fishy about these prices!! *Groan*.

I'll get my coat!

As a little footnote, I decided that it probably was more a decoration than something suitable for a young child.  Some of the pieces are quite small and could easily be pulled off by little fingers and popped into small mouths.  But it was lovely to make and actually quite therapeutic to look at with all the little pieces twirling around.  It's a bit like watching flames on a candle! So like candles, this one's perhaps for grown-ups only! :0)

Happy crafting

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